Janet Dunbar, Composer.  The New Elegant Simplicity.

Composer Janet Dunbar, The New Elegant Simplicity. Symphonic and Orchestral Music.

Janet Dunbar playing the guitar.

Spirit Journey CD

by Dr. Janet Dunbar, Composer

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Janet Dunbar, Composer - Spirit Journey Compact Disc

Product Description

Composer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Janet Dunbar's Spirit Journey takes you on a trip to the imagined world of the Ancient Earth Mother, a time and place of cooperation, healing, and inspiration. Janet sings intriguing melodies, and performs flights of guitar and synthesizer improvisation passionately. The poetry, which is recited by its creators, April Eiler and Jacqueline Thurston, entrances, while the music itself spans the gamut from highly meditative environmental collages to new jazz compositions and world music inspired dance cuts. The composer interweaves an array of musical traditions in an electroacoustic tapestry of timbral contrast which suits the poetry quite well. The striking originality of Janet's compositions is also partially due to her use of computer music and recording techniques. Though the songs are very accessible, they are interesting and appealing enough to stand up to multiple listenings. Everywhere the obvious effect of the music is to calm, comfort, and recharge the soul.

Editorial Reviews

Leni Austine, PanGaia Magazine, Summer, 2000

"an aural landscape that is sacred space, that goes far deeper into the magical self than a typical relaxation tape..."

Allen K. Payne, March-April, 2000

"Spirit Journey is most original and unique."

Cover Story, Shari Kaplan, Features Editor, Saratoga News, Dec. 1, 1999

"...runs the gamut from meditative environmental sound collages to world music inspired melodies to sounds that defy common adjectives.."

Chris Chafe, composer, celletto inventor and Director of CCRMA, Stanford University

"Dunbar...draws together several stylistic influences in a way that is uniquely her own... One outstanding gift... is her text-setting intuition..."

Susan Davis Holmes, critically-acclaimed American singer in Germany

"Janet has a really beautiful voice -- with a nice round sound and pretty vibrato... The music is modern, but very accessible and atmospheric.""

From the Composer, Janet Dunbar

"In Spirit Journey, the use of algorithmic composition, electronic instruments and audio special effects is united with more human elements: world folk melodic motives, sounds of nature, rhythm, poetry, singing and improvisation."

April Eiler, internationally recognized poet and performer

"I love the way Janet works; she's unquestionably true to her own vision and her own ear."

About the Artist

Janet Dunbar began singing and playing piano, guitar and flute at an early age back in her hometown of Tenafly, New Jersey. Her interest in composing developed out of many years of improvising in pop, folk and jazz bands, playing in classical ensembles in New Jersey, and while working in Durham, North Carolina and earning a bachelors degree at Duke University. After moving to Berkeley, California, Janet came under the influence of the various musical styles from all over the world that come together in that community. Earning a living teaching music at Fiat Music Company in Pinole, California, she went back to school for a masters in music at San Jose State University where she studied instrumental music, voice, composition and electronic music. In 1994, on a full scholarship and teaching stipend, the composer began working on a doctorate at the world renowned Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (fondly known as CCRMA - pronounced KARMA) at Stanford. There she immersed herself in computer music and recording arts. Such noted CCRMA personalities as celletto inventor and film composer Chris Chafe, FM synthesis originator John Chowning, and audio engineer Jay Kadis influenced her creative work. In order to finish the doctorate in composition and computer music from Stanford in 1998, Janet spent many hours in the recording studio and at the computer experimenting with audio software digital signal processing plug-ins and algorithmic composition computing environments. An Audio Engineering Society (AES) member, she has been able to apply her unique technical and artistic gifts in a way which invigorates the mind and nourishes the soul.